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Tesla Services

We are are proud to be a Tesla Approved Facility! Whether you need OEM parts or expert installation we are happy to serve you.

Tesla PPF

When it comes to protecting your new Tesla, PPF is King. From light scratches to flying debris and environmental contaminates we have the right PPF to protect your vehicles paint! Be sure to ask about our new Color PPF options! Think vinyl wrap but with the lifespan and protection you expect from PPF!

Tesla Window Tint

Increase your vehicles climate control effectiveness with Ceramic Window Tint. Advanced heat and UV rejection keeps you and your precious cargo safe and comfortable.

Tesla Ceramic Coating

Never wax again with our Ceramic Coating Packages.From Paint and Glass to Wheels and Calipers we have the best coatings on the market designed to make your Tesla easier to clean than ever before.

Tesla Vinyl Wrap

Want something more unique and colorfull than the facotry color selection? Set up an appointment to see all our vinyl wrap color options. From the brightest of colors to the stealthy nature of matte and satin finshes there is a color for everyone!

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