A.K.A Paint Protection Film, Clear Bra, Clear Mask, Clear Protective Wrap. Is the King of Protecting your vehicle from unsightly damage.

Its like a screen-protector only for your car with self-healing properties!

Ceramic Coating

Love the shine, but hate the upkeep?

Never Wax Again!

Check out our Ceramic Coating and Paint Correction packages.

Window Tint

Keep Cool With SunTek Ceramic Window Tint. Ceramic Tint means you can stay as cool as your car looks! With Ceramic Tint you don’t need the darkest tint to reduce the amount of heat from ever getting inside your vehicle.

Vinyl Wrap

Looking to Price out your Vinyl Wrap project? Endless Colors, Finishes and Textures to choose from allows you to truly make your vehicle a one of a kind statement!

Did we mention its completely removable?!


Vegas PPF

Why Choose

If you live in Las Vegas and are looking for a one shop near you that can do everything from PPF to Ceramic Coating to Window Tint under one word look no further we have the skills and experience it takes to get you covered!

We have 10 years of experience installing PPF and Ceramic Coating and Window Tint.

Which means you save time running around from shop to shop getting each service done, we wanted to be the place that was your local go-to every time you buy a vehicle. Whether you are looking for PPF aka clear bra, tint, or ceramic coating we have the skills and facility to get the job done under one roof.

We have been trained by the industry leaders in each specific skill with a focus on providing the best materials and techniques to give you the customer the best possible end product.

Enhance. Protect. Customize.


PPF or Paint Protection Film 

Also known as Clear Bra, Clear Mask or Clear Protective Wrap, is a virtually invisible film that is applied to your vehicles paint, headlights and even interior surfaces. It protects your paint from unsightly damage like light scratches.

Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating

Like the shine but hate all the waxing and upkeep? Ceramic coating is for you!

Never Wax Again with our Ceramic Coating and Paint Correction Packages.

Window Tint

Modern advances in Ceramic Window Tint means not only does your vehicle look cool, it literally feels cooler and provides superior UV and Infrared Rejection.

Keep you and your passengers safe!

Vinyl Wrap

Change the color of your vehicle from bright and bold to stealthy and sleek. Thousands of colors and finishes to choose from.

Did we mention its completely removable??

Protect Your Investment

Las Vegas Heat & Weather wreak havoc on our Vehicles. We are here to help!

From extreme UV to gravel and the never ending construction season, we have the right products designed to help increase the lifespan of one of the most valuable assets you own. It is our pleasure to use the best products and processes on your vehicle just the same as we would do for our own. 

Audi S4 Color PPF

The Quality Recipe.

Some call it OCD, we call it attention to detail.

Quality Materials

We proudly carry and install the best products available on the market, and are constantly testing the latest and greatest versions of the products we ultimately bring to you. Whether its a car shampoo, new type of PPF, or the latest hype, its our goal is to provide the best products that will stand the test of time.

Trained by the best in the business

Learning Every Day is a must in this industry. We have been Trained and Certified by the best in the business in order to bring our customers the best techniques and processes availible.

Correct Tools For the Job

Whether its our in house cutter, or our favorite RUPES polisher, we have the right tools designed to help us deliver the best possible end product. Our state of the art facility speaks for itself, this is not your average detailers dingy garage space.


Teamwork makes the dream work! No matter how talented the individual, the team always wins! With the team we have put together we can make your dream a reality!


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