10-Year Manufacturer Warranty

No Yellowing. No Cracking. No Staining.

Computer Cut Patterns

Precision Cut Patterns mean you get a tailored fit and finish.

Self-Healing Properties

Self-healing optically clear film that looks better than factory finish.

What is PPF? Why do I need it?

PPF (or Paint Protection Film, Clear Bra, Clear Mask or Clear Protective Car Wrap) is a transparent adhesive backed film that is applied to your vehicles paint, headlights and even some interior surfaces. PPF was originally designed to protect helicopter blades from shrapnel during the Vietnam war. Fast-forward to today where we apply a much clearer, stronger, longer lasting PPF on our vehicles, boats, RV’s and more!

Same principle in mind as the helicopter blades only with flying road debris like gravel, sand, bugs and other environmental contaminates like tree sap and chemical fallout.

Your vehicle might not be exposed to shrapnel on your daily commute, but years of repetitive rock chips from gravel and sand, bugs and light scratches and wash marks will have you wishing you would have purchased PFF while your vehicle was still pristine! Contact us today to protect your vehicle.

Gloss PPF

Our PPF is the glossiest and smootest looking Clear Bra on the market. Perfect for those vulreble areas subjected to flying debris and premature wear.

MAtte & Satin PPF

Our PPF is availible in Matte & Satin Finishes. Whether you are looking for that stealthy look or to protect a factory Matte Paint Job we have the correct film.

Cosmetic PPF

You get the wow factor of a cool color like a vinyl wrap plus all the benefits and protection of PPF. Ask about our Cosmetic PPF options!

Ultra DeFeNSE

Thicker PPF designed for increased protection. Live on a dirt road? Track your car? This is for you!

Not your average Wrap shop

PPF Specialists.

We are proud to be SunTek Factory Trained and Certified PPF Installers. Like a tailor for a suit we can customize PPF to fit just about any reasonable budget while offering years of protection at a fraction of the cost of the dealership guys. We are also experienced in a variety of installation techniques allowing us the ability to install on just about any vehicle.

Precision Cut patterns

Ability to bulk and computer cut patters to suit your needs. From headlights, bumpers, doors, even roofs we can precut just about any panel reducing the need for hardware removal.

Bulk Installation Techniques

Classic car, low production ultra rare vehicle, or RV that you cannot find a pattern for? We are trained and have the expertise to apply PPF using bulk installation techniques. This typically includes emblem and hardware removal in order to wrap as many exposed edges as possible.

Industry Leading Materials

From the industry standard gloss finish to cosmetic finishes like Matte, Satin, Carbon Fiber, and even Color Change you know from vinyl wrap but with all protection and the esthetic you wish vinyl could offer!

Experienced Installers

Trained and Certified in 2017 we are experienced installers with over 7 years experience. We have been trained by the industry leaders and continue to educate ourselves in order to bring you the best possible end product.

PPF Portfolio

Keep up with our latest projects and product announcements!

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