Ceramic Coating

Whether your car is vinyl wrapped, PPF’ed or just plain painted, Our multi-layerable Ceramic Coating Provides Permanent Paint Protection.

Ceramic Coating

Our specially designed Marine Coatings provide the most cutting edge protection It is a must in an hobby where “boat” stands for “Bust Out Another Thousand”

Ceramic Coating

Our Professional Grade Ceramic Coating  isnt just for cars, trucks, yachts and boats. Its perfectly suited for aircraft.

Enhance & Protect.

Even the newest cars need a little TLC.
Our Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating Packages are a transformation you need to see to believe.

Check out the “Before and After” on this brand new Tesla Model X! From swirled to clear and glossy!

chemical Resistance

Ceramic coating forms a chemically resistant barrier on your vehicle’s paint unparalleled with waxes or sealants.

Hydrophobic Effect

 Ceramic coating’s higher contact angle means it’s more hydrophobic than waxes or sealants making it easier to clean and maintain than waxed paint.

Unmatched Gloss & Depth

Ceramic Coatings ability to be layered creates and unmatched depth and clairity not found in waxes.

Ceramic Coating Packages

All of our Ceramic Coating packages include:
Hand wash, Chemical Decontamination, Clay Bar Treatment, Paint Correction and Enhancement, and the application of our Ceramic Coating to paint, glass and wheel faces.

Bronze Package starting at $800

Our Bronze Ceramic Coating Package comes with 1 Layer of Top Coat Ceramic Coating. Applied to body, glass, and wheel faces. 2-Year Durability.*

Silver Package starting at $1500

Our Silver Ceramic Coating Package includes a 2-layer Ceramic Coating.1-Layer of Base Coat + 1-Layer of Top Coat. Applied to body, glass, and wheel faces. 5-Year Durability.*

Gold Package starting at $2000

Out Gold Ceramic Coating Package includes 3-Layers of Ceramic Coating. 2-Layers of Base Coat + 1-Layer of Top Coat. Applied to body, glass and wheel faces.  10-Year Durability.*

Vinyl & PPF Ceramic Coating starting at $800

Protect your new wrap or PPF with our Award Winning, specially formulated Vinyl & PPF Ceramic Coating. This Ceramic Coating can be applied to satin, matte and gloss finishes. Increases depth and gloss while providing increased UV and Stain Resistance.

A La Carte Ceramic Coating

Don’t see exactly what your’re looking for in our packages? Check out these indiviual items that can be added on to any package or sold separate.

Wheels & Brake Caliper Coating

Make cleaning your wheels and brake calipers easeir than ever before. Our specailly formulated Wheel & Caliper Coating can stand up to the heat and abuse wheels see from hot brake dust constantly coating the surfaces.

InteriorCeramic Coating

New Tesla with the White interior? Worry no more, we can Ceramic Coat the interior to protect against stains and colorfading.

PPF & Vinyl Ceramic Coating

Keep your wrap or PPF looking pristine with our PPF & Vinyl Ceramic Coating. All the same benefits and quality of our paint coatings, only these are specifically designed to work with PPF and Vinyl Wrap alike.

 Glass Ceramic Coating

Whether you glass is attached to your car or home we have specificially designed Ceramic Coatings that will perform so well you have to see it to believe it!

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