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Here are the most commonly asked questions we answer. If you don’t see what you are looking for hit the contact button at the bottom of the page and we will be in touch with you as soon as we possibly can!

How much will it cost to Vinyl Wrap my car?

Our Wraps typically run anywhere between $3000-$10,000

A few things we take into consideration when pricing wraps are:

Size of vehicle, condition of the vehicle, any aftermarket parts we may need to remove and install as well as the over all complexity of the vehicle we are wrapping.

Can I wrap over failing or fading clear coat?

Simple answer is no. Anything that you can feel when you rub the back of your hand over your paint you will see/feel through vinyl as well. Additonally vinyl wrap is extremely sticky by nature so any paint or clear that is not strongly bonded to the surface will be at risk of lifting once vinyl is applied and re-positioned. In this case we would recommend having these panels professionally repaired before vinyl wrap is applied.

I see bubbles in my PPF will these go away?

Due to the wet application of PPF, small bubbles, slight haziness, and even some light scratches or installation marks may be present after the initial application. This is nothing to worry about, they will naturally dry out as the film cures over the next 2-3 weeks with normal temperatures. If anything is present after this period please contact us as these issues are easily addressed if taken care of in the inital 30 days after application. Failure to follow these instructions may nullify any and all implied warranties.

Will Ceramic Coating my car protect it from scratches or hail?

No a Ceramic Coating will NOT protect your vehicle from rock chips, scratches, dings, or hail. IF you are looking for impact and abraision resistance I recommend going with PPF as this film was designed to provide a sacrificail layer of protection over your vehicles paint. The best way to protect it from scratches is to never let anything touch it in the first place.

How long will it take to wrap my vehicle?

We do our best to provide time estimates with each project we take on. On average a wrap can take us 3-10 days to install depending on coverage and complexity.

Do you wrap motorcycles?

We do NOT wrap motorcycles.

How much would you charge to remove wrap or window tint?

We charge $150/hr for wrap and tint removal. We do our best to provide a reasonable time estimates but do not make any guarantees when it comes to time to complete a job.

Can removing wrap or PPF damage my paint?

When it comes to removing any type of film from your vehicles surface there are some risks you need to be aware of. Mainly paint lifing with the removal of the film. There can be a variety of reasons as to why this happens ranging from dealership performed touch ups on the lot from damage it may have received from transportation to the dealership, to previous body work that had been perfomed without prior knowledge, to poor bonding between the paint and the panel.

We employ every tool, process and technique in an attempt to remove the film as safely as possible. This can range from steam, Infrared heat, and chemical products to remove the film as well as any adhesive left behind. We highly recommend a paint correction after this process to remove as many imperfections as possible then we can either reapply film or send you on your way.

Can I take my newly Ceramic Coated/PPF’ed/Vinyl Wrapped vehicle throught the automatic car wash?


NEVER USED AUTOMATIC CAR WASHES WITH BRUSHES, EVER. They use caustic chemicals as well as dirty brushes to “clean” your vehicle. These automatic car washes might seem convenient but they can inflict thousands of dollars in damage to your paint, plastics, and rubber surfaces.

We only recommend hand washing your vehicle, regardless of whether it was wrapped, PPF’ed, Ceramic Coated, or none of the above, if there is one thing you take away from this site, DO NOT USE AUTOMATIC CAR WASHES!!!!!!

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